Update on the COVID-19 situation

On 3/19/2020, California’s governor issued a state-wide closure of all non-essential businesses throughout the state. Given the ever-escalating situation we applaud Governor Newsom’s bold action. We do however understand the grave impact this will have on California-based businesses, their employees and families, and our economy. Prioritizing the health and safety of California residents above these negative effects must have been a very difficult decision, but we agree that the need to “flatten the curve” is vital if we’re going to minimize the burden on our healthcare providers and the risk to those infected. It is a serious situation and serious action is required.

After reviewing this order carefully, we have determined we are an essential business as an automobile wheel repair business. Our hours of operation may be variable due to staff reduction. Please bear with us as we are processing to the best of our ability with our current limited workforce.

If anything changes in our situation we will post an update here. You can continue to contact us by phone or email at:

Office: 661-294-0170 or Email: sales@calchrome.com

Please, everyone, stay safe and stay healthy. We will all get through this together.

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