Black Chrome Plating

Turn Around Time:Est. 15-20 business days
What can we Black Chrome:All types of wheels, parts
Black Chrome Wheel cost

What is Black Chrome?

Black Chrome is a finish that combines the reflective properties of traditional Chrome and sporty look of a Black Fusion Powder coat. The result is a finish that creates various and unique shades depending on the lighting condition. From bright reflections to an almost solid, high luster black, this finish is guaranteed to turn heads.

What kind of wheels & parts can be finished in Black Chrome? Almost Anything

We have developed different manufacturing techniques to produce our world-renowned Black Chrome finishes. Depending on the type of part or wheel we are working with will determine which process produces the best results. Often times a combination of these different hybrid processes will be utilized. Traditional Chrome Electroplate is the base for our non-pvd black chrome process. Our method eliminates the orange peel dilemma associated with pvd coatings. A high end automotive clearcoat is applied to protect & enhance this premium finish. We can Black Chrome just about anything imaginable. From one-piece wheels, multi-piece wheels, plastics, metal parts, etc. Due to Black Chrome’s inherent reflective properties, light and shadows change it’s appearance. Only in person can you truly appreciate this unique finish.

What's the difference between Chrome and Black Chrome?

As the name implies, Black Chrome an aesthetically darker version of chrome. However what makes it special is that it retains the characteristics of traditional chrome which gives it depth. We offer our Black Chrome in two shades of black. Go for Black Chrome Obsidian finish if you want to go darker than our standard Black Chrome.

Pricing & Turn Around Time

Pricing starts at $250 per wheel and varies with wheel sizing. Due to the custom nature and manufacturing technique involved with Black Chrome finishing, processing time is slightly longer at approximately 15-20 business days NOT including transit time. Payment is required prior to any work being performed. Payment for black chrome work is accepted via Personal / Company check, PayPal, Visa / Mastercard or Money Order. Payment can be sent along with the wheels and the Customer Instruction Sheet. This will help expedite processing time. If you are unsure of the work to be performed, we can upon receiving your wheels, send you an estimate once we have determined what work needs to be performed and collect at that time.

I want to Black Chrome my wheels? But what about my center caps?

Due to the different compositions of materials used to make wheels which are mostly aluminum alloy and center caps which are primarily plastic, we are frequently asked this question. Because the materials are different, different processes are required to make the wheels and center caps match. There might be a slight differnce in color, but almost all customers are satisfied with the results.

Our other Black Finishes

Many customers requested a deep and highly reflective luxury finish, calling it Black Chrome for lack of a better term, when in reality they are looking for a finish more like our Black Fusion. Whether you’re going for a complete black out, or adding a sporty touch to your vehicle, Fusion Coating or Black Chrome may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Also consider our Black Fusion Coat Finish

Some customers assume Black Chrome is the finish they wish to have on their wheels, when in reality they are just looking for something very dark and reflective. For these customers we also have available Black Fusion Coat – a revolutionary advancement in powder coating technology. This new proprietary process is a combination of Eco-friendly clean pretreatment, enhanced application methods, and Pulse Power technology. This high gloss finish is exactly what you’re looking for if you want to black out your vehicle.

Click here to visit the Fusion Coating section.

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Competition VS. CalChrome​

At California Chrome Wheel Inc., we have worked very hard to develop our black chrome product. It is of utmost importance to us, that the black chrome finish be as high quality as possible, and to share in the unique properties of bright chrome. As is plainly visible in the example, the competitor’s black chrome has a very poor surface quality, with pits and an “Orange Peel” texture to the entire surface, as well as a brown hue to the reflections. CalChrome’s wheel on the other hand, has a smooth, highly reflective surface, with a luster that only comes from true chrome plating.

Can you do a darker version of Black Chrome?

Absolutely, we call our darker variant Black Obsidian Chrome. This finish is darker while still maintaining the translucent and reflective properties of traditional Chrome Electroplate.

Black chrome Care & Maintenance Guide

For advice on how maintaining your wheels or parts, see our Care & Maintenance Guide. Read More

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