How do I ship my wheels to CalChrome for processing?

Before you begin, we recommend that you inspect your wheels for any curb damage that might be present. Checking the wheel at speed on a spin balancer is recommended to check for any lateral or up and down run out. We can correct and repair wheels that are slightly out of round, but it is good for you to know the condition of your wheels before you send them



Cardboard box for shipping

Customer instruction sheet

Packaging Tape

Bubble Wrap

Where can I get these materials?

These materials can be found at the UPS Store, U-haul, Fedex Office, or similar stores. For protection, please securely wrap your wheels with bubble-wrap. Please do not use foam or egg carton materials since these do not offer the necessary protection! (Please refer to these examples of unacceptable packaging.) Also include any additional accessories such as center caps and lug nuts. At this point, remember to place the Customer Instruction Sheet inside the box once you have finished filling it out. This document is important to your order since it provides us with essential information about your order and allows processing to begin as soon as your wheels are received.

How to prepare wheels for shipping

How to not send your wheels

How to prepare wheels and tires for shipping (mummy wrap)

If you wish to send your wheels with the tires installed on them, there are some benefits to doing this. No outside source, such as a tire store or dealership, is required to remove the tires from the wheels since we at CalChrome can do this for you. For a nominal fee, we can dismount and remount the tires on the wheels after the completion of the service. This ensures that there will be no mounting tire machine damage to your wheels. And of course, we do Road-Force Computer Balance and Nitrogen fill so they will be ready to bolt back on your car upon receiving them.

Many of our customers that have Vipers, Corvettes, etc., take advantage of this service, as in some areas, the specialized equipment needed to safely remove the tires from the wheels is not available. The tire and wheel assembly is heavier than just the wheels alone, therefore, there will be an increase in freight/shipping costs. However, the benefit of us performing the installation outweighs this additional cost.

Freight is to be pre-paid and is the responsibility of the customer. We recommend using insured and trackable methods of shipping such as UPS or FedEx. They will accept individually wrapped tire and wheel assemblies. Bundling 2 or more tires together is not permitted.

Shipping Methods and Cost

Freight is responsibility of the customer. Shipping costs will vary by location. Please contact us for a specific shipping estimate. We recommend using insured and trackable methods of shipping such as UPS or Fedex Office. You may individually box your wheels or place up to 2 wheels in a box to reduce shipping costs. (Make sure to properly space bubble-wrap between the wheels for protection during shipping.)

International Shipping Information

All shipments received by California Chrome Wheel Inc. from outside of the United States, are subject to customs duty, taxes, brokerage and processing fees etc. These fees and taxes are not generated by California Chrome, but by the customs agencies of all involved countries. You the customer are responsible for all fees, duty, brokerages and taxes involved in your transaction with California Chrome Wheel Inc. both on inbound shipment to CalChrome, and outbound shipments to you the customer.

These charges are invoiced to California Chrome Wheel from the appropriate customs brokers, which can take as little as two weeks, or as long as two months to receive. At the time of receipt, we will forward these invoices, and request payment from you for these invoices. Please be advised, these charges are the responsibility of you, the customer. Check with your sales consultant for more information.

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