Rose Gold / Copper Fusion / Copper Electroplate

Here are examples of Rose Gold, Copper Fusion and Real Copper Electroplated finishes. Each finish is unique and are processed using different technologies to achieve the desired result.


Our custom Black Chrome, Rose Gold, Gold Chrome, and other transparent finishes are a combination of 3 different processes to achieve these unique finishes. Chrome plating, the transparent layer of color, and a high-end clear coat. The visual appeal comes from the reflective brilliance of the base material showing through the transparent layer. These transparent finishes may have small imperfections or discoloration that, unlike a solid color, we are unable to color sand and buff these imperfections as it will affect the appearance of this thin transparent layer. Solid colors can be color sanded and buffed to eliminate such imperfections. These finishes, as all of our finishes, are critiqued through our quality control department. If we have presented to you, or shipped to you, this finished product, it has been done to the best of our ability. Please contact us for more information.

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