Customer Instruction Sheet

This customer instruction sheet is in place to assist in communications between all parties to help insure a smooth transaction. Please make sure you print, fill out and send with any wheels that are being sent to us for service, including re-chrome.

Wheel Repair Contract

Wheel repair contract, disclaimers and customer expectations.

Credit Card Authorization

For security purposes we need your signature on this form to process your credit card charges. By filling out and signing this form you are authorizing to run your credit card for the amount stated. Please sign this and fax back to CalChrome as soon as possible. Upon receipt, we will charge your credit card for your purchase made. Thank you for your cooperation.

Re-Sale Certificate

For resellers please print the resale certificate to the right. Fill out the form in its entirety, and fax back to CalChrome to verify your resale status. This form is required for any businesses wishing to resell CalChrome product.

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