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While California Chrome Wheel Inc. is well known for its show quality chrome plating and specialty installation services, did you know that we also stock a very large selection of tires ready for outright sale or installation directly onto a new set of chrome wheels?

We will match anyone’s prices. It must be the products we offer!

Auto Tire Manufacturers

Here is a list of tire manufacturers regularly sold by California Chrome Wheel Inc.

The Benefits of Buying Tires from CalChrome

CalChrome has been in the wheel and tire business for over eleven years, and with over a hundred years of combined experience of our staff, we have seen it all, done it all, and installed it all. Our vast experience is what puts us ahead of the competition. Whether its a question about fitment options, size changes, tread wear and grip, or load ratings, we have the answers for you.

Tire and Wheel Packages

Customers purchasing chrome wheels are making an investment in not only the appearance of their vehicle, but also in the overall value. This is also a perfect time to make an investment in the performance of the vehicle as well. A set of high performance tires will take your driving experience to the same level as the new appearance.

When upgrading wheels, new tires become necessary as well. New tires are not required on chrome exchanges, but many of our customers are interested in having plus sized chromes installed to their vehicles. Plus size wheels require plus size tires, and CalChrome has the experience to know which tires to use to maintain accurate speed and odometer readings.

We even have customers requesting minus size wheels, if for instance the ride quality is too harsh, decreasing the wheel size and increasing the sidewall, will create a softer ride experience.

All of our wheel and tire packages come with complimentary mount, and road force balancing, on CalChrome’s state of the art tire changing equipment. If you are local to us, we can even arrange installation to your vehicle. When you speak with a sales person, give them all your requirements, and we can make it happen.

wheel and tire packages
tires on sale at calchrome

Outright Tire Sales

Whether you previously purchased wheels and tires from CalChrome or not, we can get you a great deal on a great set of tires. California Chrome Wheel can provide you with just about any brand, model and size of tire you could want. Because of our high volume sales, we are able to sell tires at a substantial discount below retail. All you need to tell your sales person is the size of tires needed for your vehicle, and we will do the rest.

All of our tires are available for local pickup, local delivery or nation wide shipping through UPS.

Tires shipped outside the state of California have the additional benefit of no sales tax.

Don’t forget, we also provide mounting, road force balancing and installation services by appointment. Contact us today!

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Installation

We are currently one of the forefront authorities on tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS). We have been installing these systems on luxury vehicles such as MBZ, Jaguar, Land Rover, and Lexus since 2003. Mandated by the government all 2007 and newer vehicles will require these systems. The transmitter of the TPMS will need to be removed and re-installed into the new chrome wheels. Because of the numerous installations we have performed even auto dealers technicians have asked for our help to solve some of their TPMS problems.


Mounting and Balancing

We utilize the latest Hunter Engineering tire mounting and road force balancing equipment. Our association with Hunter Engineering helped develop the Road Force Balancing technology.

Unique to this balancing equipment the tire and wheel assembly is simulated against the road surface. So as well as being balanced, this road force procedure can detect any high and low spots in the tire and wheel combination that is out of specification. If outside of specification, we can adjust that tire on the wheel, thus eliminating these high and low spots providing a better match fit for the vehicle.

Along with the specialty hand tools required for ultra high performance and luxury vehicles, our installers can mount, balance and install your new chrome wheels and or tires to your vehicle, while you wait.

Nitrogen Tire Inflation

Nitrogen tire inflation is the process by which the ambient air that fills your tires is purged and replaced with Nitrogen. NASA, the U.S. military, Boeing, Indy and NASCAR race teams all use nitrogen in their tires, and with good reason. Nitrogen provides more consistent tire pressure for better handling, enhanced safety and longer tire life. You may not be driving a 200 mph race car, but you can have the same benefits.

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