Tesla customization

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We are located in Southern California and have specialized in everything wheel & tire since 1996. Looking to change the color of your wheels or brake calipers?

CalChrome is THE place to get it done right!

  • Fusion Powder Coating 
  • Chrome Delete
  • Brake Caliper Finish Upgrade
  • Emblem Customization
  • Chrome Plating
  • Black Chrome Plating


What we do differently from the competition involves the removal of trim, badges, grille, spoiler, bumpers, door panels, mirror housings, rocker panels, fender vents and exhaust tips. If it can come off the car, our certified technicians will take it off. Removing the individual pieces makes it possible to ensure complete coverage around the entire piece. No one wants to see lines caused by a poor masking job. Our Blackout packages can also include wheels, caps and calipers. Mix and match or black out everything! Every job is as unique as our client. It’s CalChrome’s attention to detail that makes us proud of every job.

What Services we Offer for Tesla Vehicles

Pricing is based on the vehicle and stage of blackout wanted. Please fill out our form for more information. We recommend coming to our shop with your vehicle so we can take a look at your vehicle and give you an accurate estimate.

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