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We’ve all done it or know someone who has taken a corner too sharply and rubbed their wheels against the curb. Instead of replacing the entire wheel CalChrome has the in-house equipment to restore that wheel to like-new condition. We can repair curb rash, do wheel touch-ups and repair wheels.

How much will a curb rash repair cost me?

Since the severity of the damage on the wheel varies we will need you to fill out our online form to get a estimate. Repairs start at $150 each wheel. Below is a before and after example of a wheel with heavy curb rash damage.

Why should CalChrome Refinish my Wheels?

Because calchrome is a custom wheel facility, we treat wheels as jewelry. If it needs to be rechromed, blacked out, diamond cut or a combination of the three we can refinish to like new condition. We also have the ability to change the entire look of the original wheel by either diamond cutting the face, or adding color between the spokes, or almost anything imaginable. Shown below is a wheel that was customized as a customer requested. Black Windows and a dark tint on the spokes.

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