One of the benefits Calchrome offers is the availability to install products we customize including tires at our facility while you wait. California Chrome was instrumental in the research and development of the specialty wheel installation equipment necessary to install custom and chrome wheels. Auto manufacturers factory technicians have trained our personnel enabling us to perform installations on just about any vehicle. All of our techs are Hunter Engineering Equipment certified master technicians.

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Whether we are chroming a single wheel, or a hundred, California Chrome Wheel Inc. has an installation service to meet your needs.

Mobile Installation is offered locally

For local customers looking to do a single vehicle install, we have available by appointment, technicians on hand at our Valencia CA facility to perform tire mounting, balancing and installation to your vehicle.

» “Why should I have CalChrome perform my installation?”

We utilize the latest Hunter Engineering tire mounting and road force balancing equipment. Our association with Hunter Engineering helped develop the Road Force Balancing technology. Unique to this balancing equipment the tire and wheel assembly is simulated against the road surface. So as well as being balanced, this road force procedure can detect any high and low spots in the tire and wheel combination that is out of specification. If outside of specification, we can adjust that tire on the wheel, thus eliminating these high and low spots providing a better match fit for the vehicle. Along with the specialty hand tools required for ultra high performance and luxury vehicles our installers can mount, balance and install your new chrome wheels to your vehicle, while you wait.

Mobile Installation is offered in the states of California Nevada and Arizona

For our large volume customers in California, Nevada, and Arizona we offer mobile installation and delivery services from one of our state of the art radio-dispatched service vehicles. These vehicles are fully equipped with the industry’s best wheel and tire equipment.

Professional mounting and balancing facilities are brought to your location for the fastest, most convenient installation experience available! Orders of three or more vehicles qualify for mobile service truck installations. To our wholesale auto dealership customers, California Chrome Wheel Inc. offers pickup / delivery and mobile installation at your dealership or even to your customer’s location! Many of our dealer clientele take advantage of this service to provide chrome wheels after the point of sale (due bill).


Leasing companies, studio lots, and specialty manufactures, these services are also available to you. Please contact us for more details.

Sometimes customers have vehicles that are very special, exotic, and unique, making a chrome exchange not possible. However, we can chrome plate the existing wheels on the vehicle. A question always arises “How do I get my wheels to you?” For these customers that are in our pickup / delivery area, we can come to you.

One of our qualified installation technicians can come to your location provided the customer has a safe place to store the vehicle (garage, carport etc.). Utilizing our equipment, we can place the vehicle on jack stands and remove the tire and wheel assemblies and bring back to our facility for processing. Upon completion of the chrome plating, we will re-mount the tires on the chrome wheels, road force balance, and install any necessary tire pressure monitoring systems. At customers convenience, we will return to their location and install the chrome wheel and tire assemblies back onto the vehicle. This service is often utilized by our higher end clientele and can be performed for a nominal fee.

Our Equipment Specifications

Shown here in our service department is the Hunter TCX550 Series Tire Changer is the same equipment used in the Indy 500 races! Able to accommodate up to 30 inch wheels the TCX550 also has enhanced high-performance wheel clamping, bead loosening and tire mounting for many high-performance and custom reversed drop-center wheels. We use the same exotic, high-performance equipment in all of our fully self-contained service vehicles. One of the most important features of the TCX550 machine, is its “no-touch” tire mounting arm. The arm and guide head take the forces applied by the tire as it is mounted into place over the wheel. We also utilize the Hunter GSP9700 Computer balancer with road force measurement. Very few facilities have the capability to test the tire and wheel assembly against a simulated ground force. This better matches the wheel and tire assembly to ensure the best balance on today’s high-performance applications.


We are currently one of the forefront authorities on tire pressure monitoring systems. We have been installing these systems on luxury vehicles such as MBZ, Jaguar, Land Rover, and Lexus since 2003. Mandated by the government all 2007 and newer vehicles will require these systems. The transmitter of the TPMS will need to be removed and re-installed into the new chrome wheels. Because of the numerous installations we have performed even auto dealers technicians have asked for our help to solve some of their TPMS problems.



Whether we are chroming a single wheel, or a hundred, California Chrome Wheel Inc. has an installation service to meet you Shown in the image is unfortunately a common problem that people experience with chrome wheels which have been mounted using a cheap water based tire lubricant. This corrosion occurs because inexpensive tire lubricants are water based (and often further diluted) and traps moisture in the contact area between the wheel and tire on your vehicle as well as inside the tire itself. Through normal use of the vehicle this moisture over time corrodes the chrome plating and can eventually cause separation of the chrome from the wheel. This often leads to a wheel leaking air beneath the chrome, even though the tire is perfect.

The good news is, it is completely preventable! For years performance and luxury car manufacturers as well as aerospace and racing industries have used wax based, paste lubricant for tire mounting. The reason? There is no water in the solution to promote corrosion between the tire and the wheel. In fact, modern tire paste lubricants have added rust inhibitors to further protect against oxidation and ensure a long life for your chrome wheels!

To get the ultimate in protection against atmosphere based moisture for your wheels, insist on Nitrogen tire inflation as well as European Tire Paste mounting lubricant. Because nitrogen is dry and does not carry moisture, oxidation is reduced almost completely. When a normal compressor is used, the humidity in the air condenses in the form of water vapor in your tires, which can lead to the same type of corrosion to the inner wheel or tire as outlined above.

We can come to you

From knowing where to jack the vehicle up, to the correct torque specs, we have the experience to ensure there will be no damage to the wheels during dismounting and remounting of the new chrome wheels. Unfortunately most tire shop personnel are inexperienced and unqualified to install chrome wheels. They might scratch, or even peel the new chrome plating during the installation. Damages such as these, are not covered under warranty. Don’t leave your investment with the unqualified.


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