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If you want to take your car to the ultimate level in customization, CalChrome is proud to offer custom wheel painting. The sky is the limit when it comes to custom paint. Want to match the color of your wheels to the paint on your vehicle? No problem.

All you need to do is provide us with the exact paint code for your vehicle and we will take care of the rest. You have complete control of the look of your of your wheels. By masking off areas of the wheel, you can also make custom combinations of paint colors and even chrome!

Step By Step Process

Brushed Aluminum

Brushed aluminum on alloy wheels is one of the best-looking finish alternatives for those who want something different than chrome or paint. This beautiful finish exudes luxury and sophistication where other finishes may not.

The wheels are first completely hand polished, to bring out the natural luster of the aluminum alloy. A second stage polish is then performed to the wheel radially to add the brushed lines. This step requires specialized mounting and polishing equipment to perform properly. Finally, a clear fusion coat is applied to the wheel to prevent oxidization of the aluminum.

For Brushed Aluminum Call For Pricing 661-294-0170. Please be aware that not every wheel design lends itself to the Brushed Aluminum finish. Please chat with us now! or contact us here and have a photo of your wheel available, so your sales person is better able to aid you and get you an estimate.

Custom Lava Finish

Be sure to ask us about our custom lava finish! 

Our Black Finishes

Black Chrome

Our industry-leading Black Chrome 

Matte Black

For people that want a sporty look without the shine, Matte Black might fit your needs.

Gloss Black

Here are some great examples of just how smooth and reflective our Gloss Black is.

High Luster Polish

Like the Brushed Aluminum finish, the High Luster Polish is unique among the CalChrome finishes, in that the finish that you see is the base material of the wheel itself. The appearance of the finish is not created by adding new materials on top of the wheel, but by bringing out the natural shine in the metals of the wheel.

High Luster Polished wheels start out like any other wheel, usually painted at the time of manufacturing in the factory. The paint is chemically stripped from the wheel, then initially rough polished to remove any defects left over from the manufacturing process, or to remedy light curb scrapes and scratches. The front of the wheel then goes through progressively finer and finer polishing stages with full de-ionized washes between each step.

As an additional option the rear portion of the wheel can be processed just like the front to give a full custom high luster polish. Additionally, an optional clear fusion coat can be applied to the wheel to help prevent oxidation.

Keep in mind that when removing material from the wheel, small air bubbles that were trapped in the aluminum from the casting process may be revealed. This can result in very small “pits” in the surface of the wheel. When chrome plating, some of these pits may be filled during the copper stage, but with a full High Luster Polish there is no way to do this.

We can paint match

Below are examples of Stormer II wheels that have we have custom paint matched to the actual Land Rover vehicle paint codes. These examples are Rimini Red Metallic, Alaska White, and Buckingham Blue Metallic.

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