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4.7 rating
4.7 out of 5 stars (based on 11 reviews)
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5.0 rating

The wheel came out exactly how I needed and wanted it too. From the beginning to the end nothing but professional and great communication. Thanks again

Roger Miller

From Power coat to Chrome-new rims 16"

5.0 rating

From the phone contact, quote, shipment to Cal Chrome then return delivery, process on time, on target.
Finished product to perfection!
These rims are for my 1982 Fiat Spider 2000 (Original Owner) Black Convertible that we are completely re-doing for my 16 year old Grandson, killer look!

Michael Pinckard

Thank You!

5.0 rating

Thank you for everything. It looks amazing! And your follow up afterwards via this email is top notch. Thank you again!

John C

Excellent Service!

5.0 rating

For over 7 months I have been chasing a vibration on my steering wheel that was driving be mad, after changing springs shocks racknpinion diskbrakes and over 5 wheel balancing jobs I found the issue were my wheels when I got a hold of another set that fit the car, turns out another shop said my wheels needed hub centric rings because my wheels did not bolt it properly, the issue was my wheels did not have a lip that allowed the ring to sit flush against the wheels so the issue persisted, thats when John (owner) of CalChrome noticed and said that if the rings did not fit flush they would not allow the wheel to sit well on the disk so after debating whether the wheels were bent or not they sent the wheels to make a lip that would allow for the rings to sit flush and voila…. After 7 months of sleepless nights my prob was solved, but not after the persistence of the guys at CalChrome, most places would just brush me away, not these guys, and Im forever grateful. This shop is the epitome of great service, every guy I talked to was nice, and I talked to quite a few of them, all great guys. John congrats on such a special group of guys you got there. You have gained a costumer.

Hessler de la Cruz

Very professional and helpful

5.0 rating

I recently purchased a full sized black Range Rover and bought Marcellino 22″ Kensington 520’s in Hyper Silver Fusion with a Faulken Tire package. The wheels look amazing and were very well priced. The guys there are very nice and extremely professional. Their customer service is extremely good! The owner is very involved in daily operations and has a top quality business running. I would recommend my friends to use them. I drove 100 miles to purchase my wheels from California Chrome Wheels. Extremely worth while.

DPC Aero

Quality wasn't the best

2.0 rating

I paid a steep price to get a brand new set of wheels powder coated but I just don’t see a high level of quality. Lots of minor imperfections and a spot that might possibly chip after about only 6 months of wear. Customer service left a bit to be desired though they did offer to mount tires and balance them for free for my troubles.
I had paid $600 and signed an invoice to get the wheels powder coated in dual stages only to be called next day and told it would be an additional $100. What reputable company gives their customer a signed estimate and doesn’t stand behind it? You can imagine how I felt upon seeing that my wheels weren’t perfect afterward. Maybe call Andrew’s in Chatsworth instead. They seem to be more on their game and their customer service is top notch.

Aaron S

Response from Calchrome.com | California Chrome Wheel | Wheels and Tires

Hello Aaron, if you recall during your request you asked for numerous combinations of grey we could produce and even was offered to clear coat on top. Yes you were correct that we did request the additional $100. for the clear coat because the color selected came in a matte finish. Blaine did forget to add to your invoice but the break down was clear since you wanted the added clear coat and thus the request to come in and pay for the additional service. This was confirmed and you gladly paid. Upon completion your were some what unhappy and said you need to show another shop the quality of the work. You did come back and confirmed that the other shop confirmed that the work was good and it was then I heard you stated that you were a professional customer service rep and we would not hear the end of the matter of charging you an additional $100. I then offered to Mount and Balance the new wheels to your tires and to your vehicle for free. A $100 value. You gladly accepted and it seemed your were satisfied for us reaching out and doing a little something extra to make you happy. Unfortunately this 2 star rating is an example of performing something free sometimes is not enough to make some customers happy. Regards John Neill

Excellent at powder coating and refinishing

5.0 rating

CalChrome did an superb job powder coating and refinishing my beat-up OEM Mercedes wheels gloss black! They gave me loaner wheels and tires while my rims were being worked on. My wheels look outstanding now, thanks calchrome! ☺️

Travis Aguilar

Response from Calchrome.com | California Chrome Wheel | Wheels and Tires

Thank you for doing business with us!

Thank you so much guys!

5.0 rating

I had a chrome wheel that was flaking and pitting. I decided to have it stripped and re-chromed. To my shock there isn’t anyone with DFW that offers this service. I quickly learned it was a dying trade. I was referred to Calchrome. I shipped it and my payment out two weeks before the Covid-19 outbreak. With all the crazy things going on they still delivered. They stayed in contact with me, even with reduced staff Challenges. In fact I even heard from the owner. The wheel showed up today and it looks brand new like it came from the foose factory itself. Worth every single penny considering my wheels are discontinued and very hard to find. CalChrome is the way to go! Thank you very much guys!

Billy Townsend

Response from Calchrome.com | California Chrome Wheel | Wheels and Tires

We’re happy to have helped you Billy. Thank you for doing business with us!

Great Service

5.0 rating

I got my wheels powder coated in black and they look good. Overall good service and helpful people.

Patrick Lehman

Top-notch Experience

5.0 rating

I can personally recommend CalChrome as we have been using them to do chrome plating and custom paintwork for years now. The quality of their chrome is top-notch and from my experience, other custom finish shops just don’t compare!

Dalton W

Response from Calchrome.com | California Chrome Wheel | Wheels and Tires

Thank you Dalton! We appreciate the feedback and doing business with you!

Since 1996, CalChrome’s high tech innovations helped shape today’s wheel and tire industry. We have grown into one of the most dependable, diverse, and trusted companies in the industry. We invite you to visit our main facility in sunny Valencia, California – just North of Los Angeles. Come see, touch, and test a product before purchasing. We do everything wheel and tire!


We have over 25 years of providing quality parts and service for the retail consumer at wholesale prices.


All mounting and Road Force® balancing is done on the most advanced no touch Hunter Engineering equipment. A printed data sheet showing the best position to install each wheel & tire assembly is included.


If you are not sure what will fit, let us take the guesswork out of it. Call us at 661-294-0170 or email us at sales@calchrome.com


Save time and money by ordering a complete wheel and tire package that arrives ready to install on your vehicle by service professionals.


With our in-house Fusion Powder Coat, Chrome Electoplate, Black Chrome, Custom Paint and Special Copper finishes, almost anything is possible. Make your ideas a reality.


Nitrogen is what NASA, NASCAR, and the Aerospace Industry use to increase tire life and fuel economy. We’ll fill your wheel & tire order with it at no charge.

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