We can paint your calipers, however, due to how backed up we are, we cannot take your vehicle in to remove the calipers. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Brake_Caliper_Custom_Painting_Cost:Varies depending on the type of Calipers and if they are already off the vehicle.

If the calipers are off of the car, (removed by you or mechanic) the starting price is $250 per caliper.

Due to how backed up we are, we cannot take your vehicle in to remove the calipers. Sorry for the inconvenience. If we are to remove the Calipers for you from the car and do all of the labor, process, reinstall, flush and bleed the brake system. Starting price is $450.

 Any house color available. Custom colors available (Separate purchase)

Rotor Hats Custom Painting Cost:Starts at $125 per Hat in any house color. Custom colors available (Separate purchase).

While Brake Calipers are made with performance in mind and not form. Getting your Brake Calipers and or Rotor Hats painted can accentuate the styling of your vehicle’s wheels. At CalChrome, we believe that wheels are a central component in vehicle appearance. Painted Brake Calipers / Rotor Hats can add an often-times needed touch of color.


At CalChrome, our custom paint process for brake calipers stands out as being one of the most professional ways out there to paint your brake calipers. The typical body shop normally just spray paints the calipers which leave parts that aren’t related to the brake caliper painted, and sometimes angles of the caliper aren’t even fully painted. Here at CalChome, we spend time and effort in creating the best finish possible for your brake calipers. We actually remove the calipers from the vehicle to allow for much easier access to the caliper. This also guarantees that the caliper will be fully coated.  In the pictures below, you can see a bad example of a painted brake caliper that was painted by a typical body shop. You’ll notice that there are some parts of the caliper that haven’t been covered in paint and other areas of the vehicle aren’t even painted. This is because the company chose to not take their calipers off of the vehicle and chose to spray paint them straight on their vehicle.


Brand X – OEM (Not done by us)

Even the original OEM Porshe Caliper has some missing paint coverage.

Customized Logos

Once the color coat is applied and dry, we then apply the logo design of the customer’s choice. Different sizes and fonts are available. Once the logo dries, we then apply a clear coat over the entire assembly. This encapsulates the logo under the clear coat where it can never peel or roll up due to heat. This process will keep the logo attached to the caliper forever unlike decals that Brand X may use that can burn or peel off.



The necessary steps we take to paint brake calipers

Bleeder Valves

We took care of the bleeder valves on these Brembo brake calipers

Customize your rotor hats

What is a Rotor Hat? A Rotor Hat is the grey unfinished portion of the rotor that the wheel bolts to. Many times the rotor hat is covered by the wheel and on this Porsche application, you can see the improvement by finishing the rotor hat in matt black to complement the other black on the vehicle. As seen in the pictures above. Please contact us for pricing.

Rotors That Need To Be Replaced


The CalChrome Blackout Package is top of the line. Call it a Blackout Package, Chrome Delete, or Murdered Out, we can customize your vehicle to achieve the look that represents you. We not only offer Blackout packages with our standard Black Onyx High Gloss and Black Carbon Matte finishes, but we also offer specialty finishes like Black Chrome, (if applicable) or Color Accents. 

Read more about our Blackout Package.

bmw x5 with chrome delete or blacked out with gloss black wheels
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