Mayan Chrome

A new revolutionary advancement in Powder Coated Chrome Finishes. Mayan Chrome is a reflective alternative to conventional Chrome Electroplate finishes. Mayan Chrome is unparalleled as it is unmatched in its reflectivity and matches actual chrome better than any other powder coat alternative out there.


Advantages of Mayan Chrome


  • An Alternate Finish for very corroded and older parts – Some parts due to the age and environment can have corrosion under the plating that may not be able to be chrome stripped without the part dissolving in the Chrome removal solutions. Our new process involves adding and not removing material to the base substrate. This material (Primer) can be sanded and smoothed and repeated as many times as necessary to achieve a lustrous serviceable part. Then the Chrome layer can be applied.
  • Cost-Effective & Shorter Processing Times – Due to traditional Chrome Electroplating being an incredibly involved and difficult process. Mayan Chrome projects are usually less costly and will take less time for us to finish as it is an entirely different process.
  • No Nickle Shadow – This process is also a nice alternative to Chrome or even polish on items where knock s and crannies make tradition finishes difficult to deposit or reach. Edelbrock, for example, uses a very similar process to achieve their Chrome-like finishes on their V8 Intake manifolds.
  • No Rust– Due to a completely different chemistry Mayan Chrome will not Rust or corrode like traditional Chrome.

Disadvantages of Mayan Chrome


  • Not as lustrous – Unfortunately for the purest this finish does not have the high luster reflective properties that Traditional Chrome has, but very close. The name “Mayan Chrome” was developed for the TV show the Mayans. The storyline takes place in the 50’s and those vehicles needed to be period correct, but not fully over the top restored show cars. The vehicles selected were period correct but the Chrome was in very poor condition. Also in the discussion was bright reflective plating always is a problem due to mirror finish that showed the behind the scenes. For example the bumpers. Many times the reflectivity of Chrome has to be blurred as to not reveal those behind the scene secrets. Mayan Chrome was developed as a suitable alternative for both those dilemmas.

More Mayan Chrome Examples

Here is a partial sequence of how we can take almost nonusable parts that want to be chromed but are too far pitted and by prepping, priming, and sanding and doing all over again as many times as needed. We can make un platable parts chrome-like again. See the finished piece in the sun showing the reflectivity. Also, most of the pitting is reduced making a non-serviceable part very usable again.

Also, see the brand new intake tube processed in our Fusion Chrome. It looks almost like real Electroplate. Add a clear topcoat to ensure the parts service life.

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