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What is a Wheel and Tire Package?

It is an engineered vehicle specific wheel and tire assembly is installation ready to bolt on the vehicle. May include everything needed. Wheel, tire, rims sensor, road force balances, nitrogen and lug nuts.

Purchasing Chrome Wheels

Customers purchasing chrome wheels are making an investment in not only the appearance of their vehicle, but also in the overall value. This is also a perfect time to make an investment in the performance of the vehicle as well. A set of high performance tires will take your driving experience to the same level as the new appearance.

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tire shop in santa clarita calchrome

Upgrading Wheels

When upgrading wheels, new tires become necessary as well. New tires are not required on chrome exchanges, but many of our customers are interested in having plus sized chromes installed to their vehicles. Plus size wheels require plus size tires, and CalChrome has the experience to know which tires to use to maintain accurate speed and odometer readings.

Minus Wheel Sizes

We even have customers requesting minus size wheels, if for instance the ride quality is too harsh, decreasing the wheel size and increasing the sidewall, will create a softer ride experience.

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wheel and tire packages

We Do Mounting And Balancing!

All of our wheel and tire packages come with complimentary mount, and road force balancing, on CalChrome’s state of the art tire changing equipment. If you are local to us, we can even arrange installation to your vehicle. When you speak with a sales person, give them all your requirements, and we can make it happen.

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