Caps With Our Custom Finishes

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Almost every wheel has a center medallion or cap that needs to be addressed while we are processing the wheel. Center caps are often a different material than the alloy wheel and are mostly plastic which requires a different process to achieve a matching result with the wheel finish. Shown here are many different applications from black chrome, custom color, custom detail custom detailed masking options that can be processed depending on the desired effect.


The center cap (accessory cap) is the medallion or piece in the middle of the wheel design. This area performs various functions. For example, this piece is removed to expose the lug nuts for wheel removal. Many times this accessory center cap is made of a different material than the wheel and is usually plastic. This requires a different approach to processing for chrome. When ever possible we try to utilize chrome replacement caps to accessorize our chrome plated wheels. A chrome replacement cap is much different than an OE painted cap. OE caps are unable to be hard chrome plated, due to their composition of material which is mostly (PVC Plastic). This material is too flexible to hold hard chrome plating and the necessary base metals for adhesion.


Chrome Replacement Caps

Chrome replacement caps are manufactured out of ABS Plastic which is rigid and there-for can support hard chrome plating. This also enables us to match the color and shine on our chrome plated alloy wheels. To reduce production cost these caps are manufactured in very large quantities and are usually only available on wheels that are high volume pieces. Due to copyright issues, these caps cannot be produced with the manufactures logos or insignias on them, but provide the correct color, finish, and durability of hard chrome plating. Chrome replacement caps fit many applications and pricing varies Call For Pricing 661-294-0170

Electroless Chrome Coating

In some cases, you may have a very rare, exotic, or non-volume chrome-plated wheel you wish to accessorize. A chrome replacement cap may not be available. We also offer a unique procedure that can be performed on your OE silver-painted caps called electroless chrome coating. This chrome-like finish mimics the reflective properties of chrome and is ideal for specialized applications. Call For Pricing 661-294-0170.

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